Outdoor & Sport Led Systems

Outdoor & Sport
LED Systems

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Outdoor & Sport LED Systems

Outdoor and Sport Led Systems

Impianti di illuminazione a led per impianti sportivi

Outdoor Led Systems

LedTech- Lighting the future® has specialized teams fullly dedicated to the design and development of:
a) solutions for the enhancement of residential and public and private architectural structures, monuments and green areas through the use of led lighting.
b) Sport facilities led systems solutions.

The dedicated team supports customers and / or customer’s designers of at any times.

La The LedTech- Lighting the future® outdoor lighting range is able to satisfy the most varied requirements, in terms of model and power.

Our specialists will always advise the best solution in terms of power demand and installation.

With LedTech- Lighting the future® led outdoor solutions not only you save up to 80% compared to traditional lighting systems and you're guaranteed up to five years, but you'll have a light output that will astound you.

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Sport Facilities LED Systems

The lighting of sports facilities is bound by specific requirements which are essentials and cannot be ignored. These requirements unfortunately leaves little room for changes in projects that can lead to a lower level of light pollution, compared to what happens for the other outdoor lighting systems such as street ones that are easily upgradeable from this point of view. For these reasons if lighting of sports facilities is not properly and carefully designed it could be a significant source of light and optical pollution.

LedTech- Lighting the future® has a specific know-how thanks to years of experience in the industry and is able to design lighting systems for almost all sports, not just in respect of the requirements but going further and providing a unique viewing experience event by the public.


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LedTech- Lighting the future®

Solutions, not products!

LedTech- Lighting the future® is an organization able to assist you with any need for outdoor LED lighting.

There is no standard product that is good for every need, for this reason prior to advise you and provide you with a system, from the smallest to the largest, all LedTech- Lighting the future® specialists will always want to understand how and where would you use it in order to provide what you need among the many references available in stockready for delivery!

Are you thinking of adopting LED technology for your lighting systems but do not know how to find your way among the many offers? Do you want a custom solution? Or simply looking for advices?

Contact us! Fill out the form or write us at info@ledtechonline.com!

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