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Installing LED street lighting offers benefits that go beyond the significant energy and cost savings (up to 80%) due to the transition from the old discharge lamp technology, to the LED. This what says the CNR (Centro Nazionale Ricerche – Italian National Research Center) in a study that has been published some time ago.

Led street lights guarantee to public administrations such savings such that any replacements program may be considered at no cost, thanks to the efficiency and the lifetime of unprecedented next-generation lighting.

CNR, in the study cited, argues that to the economic benefits of LED lighting can be added environmental and health benefits, thanks to the light pollution prevention and radically improved white light free of ultraviolet and infrared components.

The CNR study illustrates how the LED price reduction allows to pay back the investment in a time period between 3 and 5 years.

LedTech- Lighting the future® has the necessary technical and professional skills as well as the appropriate structure for managing public lighting projects of all types, including solar energy!


LedTech- Lighting the future® has also prepared a special Operative Rental program reserved for public administrations. Contact us to learn more


LedTech- Lighting the future®

Solutions, not products!

LedTech- Lighting the future® has great expertise in the LED street and tunnel light systems.

The LedTech- Lighting the future® approach is the diagnosis-solution type which is the necessary approach for street and tunnel led lighting solutions to meet the essential road safety requirements.

Thanks to its internal organization and specific know how LedTech- Lighting the future® is the ideal partner for public street lighting projects, using led technology.

The available range is varied and allows maximum customization according to the objective requirements.

Also solar street light solutions are available. On request integrated intelligent systems with video surveillance and remote control systems.

A special Operating Lease Programs is also available. Contact us to know more.

Are you thinking of adopting LED technology for your lighting systems but do not know how to find your way among the many offers? Do you want a custom solution? Or simply looking for advices?

Contact us! ! Fill out the form or write us at info@ledtechonline.com!

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